Tuesday, May 28, 2013

New Contest | The More Is More Polyamory Contest

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Polyamory is defined as the state or practice of having MORE than one open romantic relationship at a time.  Please visit The More is More blog for contest rules & details.


Ms. Kathy:
author of The Trip Home and The Trip Home 2
Ms. Kathy has been writing fanfiction since 2008. Her stories are very well received and the above two listed are her contributions to the poly community. She has thirty-one MORE stories available to read on her profile. Her bodies of work span many genres and are all incredibly written.

author of Their Mistakes
Abby has penned twenty-five stories since she began her fanfic writing career in 2009.  She's not one to shy away from non-canon pairings and is a huge Jasper fan. She is widely recognized for her Bella and Jasper stories that give you MORE of the lovable Mr. Whitlock.

Butterfly Betty:
author of the Awakenings Series: LovingStrange & Endless Awakenings
BF Betty began her Fanfiction career in 2009 and has since become a real life published author. Her works are published under Lisa Bilbrey.  She has written many canon Edward and Bella stories, but has had much success with her poly series listed above. MORE of her work can be purchased: HERE.

author of My Surrender
Kare has written fifteen fiction stories for the Twilight fandom. Her love of fanfiction began in 2008 and has continued to grow. While she is a Jasper fan, she doesn't shy away from Carlisle or Edward. Her poly story dabbles in the BDSM world and will leave you wanting MORE.


JD Thorn
Jen is an avid fanfic reader and Twilight addict since 2008 and she has a tattoo to prove it. She has an incredible list of favorite stories and authors and you can see MORE of them on her FFn profile. While she hasn't posted any written work herself...yet, she has helped edit her husband's manuscript. She is a fan of poly stories and all around smutty goodness with a bit of plot included.

Hadley Hemingway:
Hadley is a voracious reader and beta within the fanfic community. She has MORE than three hundred favorite stories that you can sink your teeth into. Though she doesn't write, she enjoys helping others enhance their stories and bring their characters to life. Spell-check is her best friend, so dot those i's and cross those t's.